Employment history

From 2004

Junior cargo trade manager, BAA Edinburgh Airport

  • analysed and improved trade with US partners
  • Edinburgh cargo trade representative in BAA meetings
  • co-author of business report 2005
  • currently developing new business plan for pan-Atlantic trade

If you have got relevant working experience, mention it before your education. In this case it might be a good idea to restrict the information about your educational background. This will make room for more relevant job-related information.

If you are applying for your first job, try to include any past experiences that show you have been active on the job market before. Even student jobs can be useful, since they indicate you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty.

Do not list student jobs under experience however. Put them under a special heading (such as "Student jobs").

Do not include short internships under experience but rather under education. If your internship has taken up a couple of months however, you can include it as experience.

Anything to do with youth clubs, sports clubs or other pastimes does not belong under "Experience". It should go under "Interests" or "Pastimes".

List your experience according to the when-what-where-structure. Mention at least

  • The date and length of employment
  • Your job title and/or a description of your experiences
  • The context (company, location, ...)
  • A short description of your tasks and accomplishments