Every CV contains a number of recurring sections. The order in which they are dealt with below roughly indicates the positions these parts will take in your CV. Personal information often comes first and references - should you decide to include them - nearly always get the final position.

Still, there is no such thing as a prefixed order. A number of headings can and should be moved up or down, based on your strengths and on the requirements of the job ad. If an ad stresses experience, list that heading first and focus on previous jobs you've held in related fields. If the employer likes candidates to share a personal interest in the company, you should elaborate on hobbies or pastimes that could be relevant for the job. Do not dwell on achievements you are proud of if they do not mean a thing to a recruiter.

A number of sections are not obligatory, even though they can have a positive effect on the quality of your CV. These sections are:

  • profile
  • professional goal
  • interests
  • pastimes

Remember to use the same layout structure within each section consistently.

Below is an audiovidual presentation concerning the content and position of the different CV sections.


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