Functional CV

Apart from the chronological CV and the performance CV, there is also a third type, called the functional or skill-based CV. This CV type focuses on your achievements, knowledge, skills and abilities. It also stresses what you have done rather than when and where. This type of CV allows you to de-emphasize lack of experience in a particular field, gaps in between jobs etcetera.

Precisely because this format allows you to cover up inconsistencies, some employers might be suspicious towards functional CVs.

When you want to construct a functional CV, you should start by identifying the relevant competences for the job and list those as categories. For each functional category you list your skills and abilities and link these to specific achievements.

Some people like to blend a functional CV with a chronological one by adding dates and names of past employment. This hybrid version of the functional CV may also include a brief chronological overview of one's employment history.

The different components of a functional CV depend on the demands of a job ad. If an ad stresses HRM skills and social abilities, your CV should do so too.

The discussion below shows that one CV yields different opinions.