Education and training

Education and training

1998 - 2001

Manchester Metropolitan University

BSc Economics

  • focus on international trade
  • research project: international business transactions at Manchester Airport

If you have recently graduated, your education will outweigh your experience. Mention it first, using the when-what-where-structure. If you have been working for a long time and you would like to be employed in a similar field, list experience before education.

Under the heading "education", you should mention

  • start and end date of the program
  • name of the program
  • name and location of the school

If your grades were quite impressive, you might mention those as well.

As university programmes are becoming ever more individually adaptable, you might want to clarify your specialisation or optional programmes.

If relevant, you can include

  • student exchange programmes
  • your dissertation

Using the reverse chronological order is advisable for the education section, since recruiters will be most interested in your most recent diploma.

Should you have more than one degree, ask yourself which one is the most relevant one for the vacancy and list that one first.

If you would like to include sort trainings or courses, you can do so under the heading 'Additional training'.