Overview 2

There is something wrong with each of the following CV sections, all of which were written in reply to the same vacancy. Identify the problem and make suggestions for improvement.

The ad

The resume

Hobbies & pastimes


Have been member of Oregon Canoe club since 1996
Winner of Canoe Competition in 2002

Mountain biking

Owner of Giant Rock DS bike
Favourite track: mountain trail 2.6


Dedicated user of Solomon trekking gear
Favourite hiking trip: wildlife trip, 2003


The hobbies are irrelevant for this job, so there is no reason to include them. At least leave out the details if you'd want to mention these pastimes as an illustration of your dynamic personality.


MBA in Business Studies,
Oregon State University,

Work Experience

Senior production manager
Sweets-R-Us (2004 - )
Junior production manager
Sweets-R-Us (2001 - 2004)
Production assistant
Toys-R-Us ('99 - 2001)
Junior production assistant
Toys-R-Us ('95 - '99)


The ad stresses experience and considers education a plus. Respect this in your resume and list experience before education.

Furthermore, the recruiter appreciates loyalty and promotion. If you fit this profile, you should stress this. Use bulleted lists and blank lines to make your experience more readable. This structure makes it too hard to notice that you fit the profile perfectly.


Only include a picture if asked for. Do not try to be funny in a resume unless you are convinced that it might appeal to the company culture.


I have a dream of working with a large multi-state manufacturing company in a leadership role and I thrive in an environment that demands excellence and rewards innovative and assertive management styles.

Your profile or objective should correspond with the demands of the ad or the company profile, but don't exaggerate. Copying what it says in the ad is taking it a step too far. Furthermore, copying statements is not what an employer would expect from an innovative employee.


Peter E. Strupson
Professor Management
Oregon Sate University

Suzanna Blekley
Human Resource Manager
Blake Manufacturers

Do not mention references unless asked for.