Look at the extracts below and determine which type of CV you are dealing with. Make suggestions for improvement.


Leadership skills

Being a father of three sons, I have been able to maintain my leader status for over fifteen years.

Organisational skills

Being a father of three sons, I have to plan each day impeccably or there'd be chaos.

Interpersonal skills

Being a father of three sons, I still manage to have a social life.

Performance CV

Improvement: Being a father of three is not a professional achievement. This is not the CV type to use if you do not have an impressive achievement record. A chronological CV might cover up the lack of professional achievements.


2000 - 2003

BSc Geology

1995 - 2000

St. Bridget's School, Leeds

Work Experience


Assistant construction consultant
Leeds Housing association


Construction Consultant
Leeds Construction Ltd

2000 - 2002

Volunteer scientific assistant
Leeds Geology Camps

Chronological CV

Improvement: It would be useful here to include some more information, such as professional responsibilities, GCSE results etcetera.