Overview 3

Exercise 1

Watch the video carefully and try to formulate your opinion on the question of creativity.

Key 1

You have to keep two important parties in mind: the company and the recruiter. Their view on a CV differs considerably because of their different background.

For the company, you have to take the type of business they are in into regard. If the company itself is creatively oriented, a creative effort will most likely be appreciated.

For the recruiter the most important aspect is efficiency. You have to consider the limited amount of time a recruiter has to spare for your CV.

Finding the correct balance between these two concerns is something that takes time and effort.

Exercise 2

Watch the recruiter’s feedback for this particular example of a creative CV. Try to come up with a solution for the problematic part in this CV.

Key 2

Adding a section ‘profile’ at the very beginning of this CV would have made it even stronger. The current section ‘background information’ could be turned into a section ‘interests’ in which the interest in photography, travelling and different cultures could then be mentioned.