Types 1

Read the following opening paragraphs. Determine to which kind of letter they belong; invited, uninvited or referral. Can you make any suggestions for improvement?

I felt nothing but excitement when Fred Dunston told me that you had an opening for a delivery person. For years I have wanted to work for Mega Pizza...


Improvement: Instead of simply mentioning a name, it's better to briefly identify the person you are referring to.

"When Fred Dunston, your Central London area manager, told me..."

I have always liked motorcycles, but when I tried a Triumph four years ago, I was in love. Since then, my passion for the brand has increased continually. Now, I want nothing more than to become involved in it. To become part of the Triumph team...


Instead of keeping a distance with words like "the brand" and "it", it might be better to use "your brand" and "your company". This way the letter becomes more audience-oriented.

A keen traveller, I have always preferred your company for long-distance flight. When I noticed that the quality and style of your vacancy reflected the care you give to your passengers, I decided to apply for your opening...


You should keep the letter as active as possible. If possible, use simple present instead of present perfect, simple past or other past tenses.