What do you think about the perspective in the following extracts? Explain.

Exercise 1

At the moment I am attending an additional course in corporate communication. I have chosen for this course since it focuses on business in a very broad sense and because it allows me to further refine my communicative skills in various languages. To my opinion, these skills are essential because it is my ambition to work in an international business context.

This fragment is focused too explicitly on the applicant. There is no interactional perspective whatsoever.

In a cover letter you should stress what you can offer to an employer. Highlight the recipient's benefits the in hiring you.

Exercise 2

Your job offer is the ideal chance for me to test my superb theoretical skills in practice.

Do not focus on what the employer might offer you. This is too self-centred.

Exercise 3

As you will read in the enclosed CV, I have studies at the faculty of Applied Economical Science at the University of Antwerp.

A cover letter should not rephrase the CV. You should use it to stress and explain those facts which are very relevant for a specific vacancy.

Sentences like this do not belong in a cover letter.