Types 2

Read the situation outlines below, determine which kind of letter to use and write the opening sentence.

Source: Ms. Vintage, the wife of a successful publisher, called Penguin

Vacancy: junior marketing manager

Contact: Mr. Penguin

Referral letter

Dear Mr. Penguin,

Being a voracious reader and a big fan of your publishing company, I am very grateful to Ms Vintage for letting me know that you had an opening for a junior marketing manager...

Source: local newspaper

Vacancy: lemon picker in Spain

Contact: Ms. Cytres

Solicited letter

Dear Ms. Cytres,

After reading your advertisement for lemon pickers in Spain, I just had to contact you...

Source: Mr. Kilbeggan, product manager Fiddich Whiskeys

Vacancy: art director

Contact: Mr. Fiddich

Referral letter

Dear Mr. Fiddich,

While we were enjoying a whiskey, Mr. Kilbeggan, your product manager, informed me about the opening you have for a creative art director...

Situation: It's been two years since you were an intern in this company. Ms Bulb, your boss, told you then that each application they receive is considered, even when there is no vacancy.

Contact: Ms. Bulb

Uninvited letter

Dear Ms. Bulb,

During my internship in your financial department two years ago, you once told me that you always had room for motivated people with an open mind...