Learning objectives

This module invites you to get to know different types of cover letters and shows you how to write them.


You should have completed the module on CVs and the following Curios tests:

  • Placement test MTB Writing
  • Placement test MTB Reading
  • Placement test MTB Listening


This module consists of 3 parts: theory - practice - case. You can either choose to start reading the theory or, if you prefer a more problem-oriented approach, you can begin with the exercises in the practice part. Alternatively, you may want to tackle the case head-on.


This module was developed by the University of Antwerp and Ghent University. Team: Bart Deygers, Geert Jacobs, Marilyn Michels, Liesbeth Opdenacker and Ellen Van Praet.

Created: September 2005 | Updated: July 2009