Question types

An interviewer has got at number of question types to choose from. As an interviewee it can be useful to know which.

Question type



Closed questions

Used to establish facts

So Ms. Collins, you read history at university?

Open questions

Allow for a longer and more informative response and force the interviewee to think the answer through.

What made you decide to read history?

Probing Questions

Ask for additional information or clarification based on the interviewee's previous statement. Sometimes, probing questions can seem rather aggressive.

The important thing is to stay calm and answer the question in a normal way.

Why, exactly, did you make that decision?

Could you tell me more about that?

Hypothetical questions

Test the candidate's stress-resilience and creativity.

How do you move an island?

Leading questions

Reveal the interviewer's opinion on a given matter, which often makes them hard to answer.

Recr: That Smith in HRM. Don't you think he's an idiot? What a loser, right?

Cand: well... er... I don't know... I suppose he can be a bit slow occasionally...

Recr: Do you really think so? I don't! I consider myself very lucky to have such a bright husband.