Practical advice

It's no use stating that you are an active and dynamic person if your body language says exactly the opposite. If you're saying that you are a dynamic and active person, your body language has to support that statement. A good interviewee looks confident and relaxed. Some things to look out for.


Keep a friendly expression on your face. Show that you are happy to be there, but don't overdo it.

Look tall

Even tall people can look short if they stoop. If you keep a straight back, you'll make a self-confident impression.

Mind that being stiff as a board does not qualify as looking tall.

Eye contact

Do not look away from the person you are talking to for too long. Especially look at your interlocutor while he's asking a question.

If you're interviewed by a panel, make sure to look at each interlocutor regularly.

Limb control

Keep your arms loosely in your lap or on the table. Don't let them hang next to you. Ideally, you'll make discreet gestures that support what you are saying.

Crossing your arms is a good way to hide your nervousness, but keep in mind that some people take this as a sign of resistance or distance.