May 01-Dec 06

Experience as independent consultant

Corporate strategic plan and organizational reforms:

  • PETROLCO S.A. (oil and gas). The outcome was 5 specific business lines, currently under implementation.
  • EURobotics Ltd. (technology). The new strategy took the company to a new level: Winner of Ventures 2004 and first semifinalist at the McCloud Venture Competition in March 2005.

Processes and procedures evaluation and formulation for:

  • National Higher Education System. Ministry of Education Ecuador.
  • Notary System. National Superintendence of Notary and Registry of Ecuador.

    Achievements: 4 new national laws are being discussed and implemented resulting from these evaluations and proposals.

If you have several years of relevant working experience, mention it before your education. In this case it might be a good idea to restrict the information about your educational background. This will make room for more relevant job-related information.

If you are applying for your first job, try to include any past experiences that show you have been active on the job market. Even student jobs can be useful, since they indicate you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty.

List your experience according to the when-what-where-structure. First mention:

  • The length of the employment
  • Your job title
  • The company and location

Then add:

  • Information about the company. This is especially relevant if your CV is read by international recruiters to give them an indication of the environment you worked in.
  • A short description of your tasks and accomplishments.
  • A short list of skills that you used or learned while executing your job.

Do not list student jobs under experience, however. Put them under a special heading (such as "Student jobs").

Do not include short internships under experience but rather under education. If your internship has taken up a couple of months, however, you can include it as experience.