Education and training


Master of Global Management - University of Antwerp Management School - Belgium

Focus: Global economy and management skills in an international environment; English multicultural program

Main topics: strategic management, managerial decision methods, organizational behaviour, Asian business major

Skills: teamwork, communication skills, problem solving, languages, intercultural communication, global perspective


Master in Applied Economic Science - Ghent University - Belgium

Focus: study on the different functions that have to be performed within a company

Main topics: financial management, global finance, cost accounting and management control, internal and external audit, investments, marketing, human resource management

Dissertation: 'Organisation and corporate governance in multilangual corporations (MNCs)'. Focus on the relationship between headquarters and subsidiaries and the emerging network concept that MNCs are evolving to

Skills: research, analysis of data, individual work

If you have recently graduated, your education will outweigh your experience. Mention it first, using the when-what-where structure. If you have been working for several years and you would like to be employed in a similar field, list experience before education.

Under the heading "education", you should mention:

  • start and end date of the programme
  • name of the programme
  • name and location of the school

As university programmes are becoming ever more individually adaptable, you should clarify:

  • your specialisation or optional programmes
  • specific and typical courses (max. 5 to 6), relevant in view of the vacancy you're applying for or complementing previous studies

If your grades were quite impressive, you might mention those as well.

Also include:

  • student exchange programmes: use the when-what-where structure. Be specific about the duration of the programme, e.g. February - June 2004, and briefly explain what this exchange programme was about.
  • your dissertation: include the exact title and again briefly explain what the dissertation was about and how you conducted it.

Finally, you should mention which "soft skills" you acquired and used during your studies (max. 2 to 3). Be careful not to become repetitive, but to search for unique skills. If you would like to include short trainings or courses, you can do so under the heading "additional training".