Functional CV

A functional CV focuses on the functional domains in which you have developed expertise over the years, rather than on when, where or how you acquired this expertise. That's what makes this CV suitable for:

  • mature professionals with a lot of expertise and experience;
  • career changers who want to focus on skills and expertise rather than credentials;
  • professionals with a number of gaps in their career history.

The functional CV requires a clear career objective and a strong focus on what you want to achieve. When writing your CV, you should start by identifying a number of functional domains and list those as categories. Within those categories, you should elaborate on your results and contributions. Finally, you will link this information to your achievements.

Below you can find the different components of a functional CV (see also the examples on the right). For more in-depth information, check each section individually.

Basic elements

Personal information

Professional objective


Functional domains

Do not elaborate, just mention the following:




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