Writing to be copied

To get a first feel of how press releases work, write a draft press release using the information below. Remember this press release provides a unique opportunity to order the information in a way that contributes to your organisation's goals.

Afterwards consider some of the difficulties you've run up against and some of the choices you've made.

Here's the information you need. Feel free to invent any further details you might need.

You write on behalf of Ostriches On Line, a Chicago-based importer of ostrich meat owned by Steve Warrington. The news is that you've started serving ostrich meat to the US Armed Services. You first did a 12-month trial at the Kadena Air Force Base in Japan. Afterwards you were invited to workshops in San Diego, CA, and San Antonio, TX. The two events were attended by over 300 US Army Catering Directors. It was a huge success: everyone was very pleased and you almost ran out of meat!

Then compare with the press release that Ostriches On Line issued (key).


CONTACT: Steve Warrington
+1 (708) 452 7596
Fax: +1 (708) 452 7510

Ostrich Meat Now Being Served to the US Armed Services Chicago

November 24 (INB) The United States Military, including the Navy, Army, Marines and the Air Force are now serving Ostrich Meat to officers and personnel courtesy of Ostriches On Line.

After a hugely successful 12 month trial at the Kadena Air Force Base in Japan, Ostriches On Line were recently invited to the Joint Services Workshop held in San Diego, California and San Antonio, Texas to introduce this healthy red meat to the other divisions of the US Military.

Total attendance of these two events exceeded 300 and included Catering Directors from the Air Force, Navy, Marines and the Army representing US bases in over 30 countries. Every attendee had the opportunity of eating two Ostrich meat dishes, excellently prepared by Chef Alain Dubois.

"Without exception the response was overwhelming" said Ostriches On Line owner Steve Warrington. "We thought we had supplied enough Ostrich meat to cater for everyone and by the end of the evening we almost ran out."

"We were honoured to be invited to the Joint Services Premiere Catering event and are even more honoured to be supplying every division of the US Military." said Mr. Warrington. "Our commitment to providing only premium quality Ostrich Meat means that all our clients are assured of being served a consistent high standard of a very healthy product."

"It makes a lot of sense for the Military (as well as everyone else) to eat Ostrich Meat" continued Mr. Warrington. "It has less fat, less cholesterol and less calories than skinless chicken or turkey yet has the same amount of protein as beef and you don't get that heavy feeling after eating this delicious red meat .... and we are now looking forward to moving up the ranks," added Mr. Warrington. "Perhaps the White House will be next!!"

Ostriches On Line is based near Chicago, IL USA, and has a UK office and farm near Manchester. The company imports and exports Ostrich products including meat, leather, feathers, eggs, livestock and reference material to over 85 countries around the world. The company also publishes the world's largest Ostrich newsletter with over 11,000 subscribers in 115 countries.