Press releases

Learning objectives

  • learn how to write effective press releases in English
  • gain insight in the workings of the media
  • review the grammar of reported speech in English
  • get to know more about clear and simple writing in English

Prior knowledge

  • some of the basic principles of crisis communication.
  • text and paragraph structures.


This module consists of 3 parts: theory - practice - case. You can either choose to start reading the theory or, if you prefer a more problem-oriented approach, you can begin with the exercises in the practice part. Alternatively, you may want to tackle the case head-on.

No matter which approach you choose, at the end of the session you should have learnt the theory and you should be able to produce effective press releases.


This module was developed by the University of Antwerp and Ghent University. Team: Geert Jacobs, Liesbeth Opdenacker and Luuk Van Waes.

Created: September 2004 | Updated: July 2009