Have a look at the CV section below. Is it easy to glance through? Does it contain enough but not too many concrete details? Do you need to add or delete information?

Organisation and communication skills

I have got highly developed organisational skills. I like to tackle problems head on. These skills are clearly present in my social life.

  • I have been an active scouting member for the past 15 years. I organised summer camps and barbecues.
  • I have learned a lot about group dynamics and leadership skills. I now know how to lead a group.
  • Because I have had numerous meetings with the city council and local neighbourhood committees, I am aware of how diplomacy works.
  • I am now an active member of scouting Limburg, the central organising body for all things scouting in Limburg. We organise weekends out for group leaders and set up educational workshops. For more information about scouting, visit

It can be worthwhile to make your skills concrete by adding examples, but don't overdo it. Do not use full sentences and do not offer too much info. Stick to the facts in a clear and schematised way.

An alternative might look like this.

Organisation and communication skills

2004 to date

Member of Scouting Limburg

  • Organising educational weekends
  • Setting up workshops
  • Evaluating past activities and developing new ones

2000 to date

Group leader, Scouting Hasselt

  • Dealing with group dynamics
  • Leading groups
  • Regular meetings with city councils and interest groups
  • Organising summer camps and large gatherings