Professional objective

An applicant has written the following under "Professional Objective":

Developing my skills further. To live my life, not another's.

Is this professional objective up to scratch? Explain.

This goal is too vague. A professional goal should not contain philosophical meanderings, nor platitudes. Use professional vocabulary to briefly state

  • What kind of work you would like to do
  • Which skills you would like to use in your job
  • Which branch you would prefer to work in

You can distinguish between long-term and short-term goals.

Now write a better professional objective for this applicant, using the following information.

The applicant has got:

  • A Bachelor in political and social science
  • A master in Communication studies
  • A master in Management

Her dissertation was about the language policy of the VRT, the Flemish radio and television.

She used to be a promo girl for "Het Nieuwsblad", a newspaper and she is the editor of the newsletter of her karate club.

She is pursuing an international career and calls herself a motivated team player who is creative, analytic, social, assertive and goal-oriented.

For example:

A post within the communication department of a large and professional company, where I can climb the professional ladder to attain a function which fully suits my managerial skills.