As Nelson Fabian says in his article about delivering bad news, "presenting bad news is actually a rather formidable challenge". For the recipients of bad news he adds that "at the very least, they get fatigued. At worst, they develop a strong dislike for the messenger". For this reason, Fabian goes so far as to say that presenting bad news is an art. (p. 54) Thus the purpose of this module is to provide instructions and practice on developing the art of writing a business letter that communicates negative information while still encouraging positive relationships.


This module was developed by the department of Business Communication at the University of Antwerp. Team: Anne-Marie Waddell, Liesbeth Opdenacker and Luuk Van Waes.

Created: September 2005 | Updated: July 2009


  • Fabian, Nelson. "The Art of Presenting and Listening to Bad News". Journal of Environmental Health: July/Aug 2003, p. 54.