This module teaches you how to write a project progress report that gives project stakeholders the information they need about the status of a project on a regular basis. Project stakeholders need to know the status of a project so that they can compare it to the project charter or project plan and adjust their plans and budgets when necessary. You may also need their help, and the project progress report is one effective way to communicate project needs. Another important reason for the project progress report is to have project progress, issues, and risks documented at an early stage of the project especially in case of legal issues. Typically the project manager writes the project progress reports, but he or she may also delegate this task to another project team member.

This module does not cover any of the details about how to run a project, and it does not cover other project communication tools or skills.


This module was developed by the department of Business Communication at the University of Antwerp. Team: Anne-Marie Waddell, Liesbeth Opdenacker and Luuk Van Waes.

Created: September 2005 | Updated: July 2009